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Full text of "2017-03-31 NSDRM - Dream Explorations: JulieH, Eldar, Belinda"

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A dream which it seems iike i had once before. 

i'm just getting to a iocation where i'm going to teach a ciass. it's night time. 

i puii into the site which is iike a commerciai vacation resort/restaurant. I get there and there's a big kind of 
circuiar drive and i see iots of peopie miiiing around. 

i'm in a iittie boat with a motor. There are three of us in the boat, aii going to the same piace to teach a ciass. 
We literaiiy being taken in a circle around the perimeter of this man-made pond. At about the 34 mark I hear someone 
from shore asking about a sound they hear and I say, "That's a loon." I then hear Tony's mother's voice say, "You can 
look it up under luna." I then think, "What?" and I say, "No, loon." I'm agitated by her being mistaken like that and yet 
speaking up as if she knows. 

Just past the 34 way around this little pond, we see huge waves that have just hit and the water's rushing up onto 
the lawns of a couple of homes that are next to the pond. We're astonished in the boat and I say, "Whoa, look at that!," 
as I turn to the two women to my left, and I add, "Imagine all that salt water going onto their lawns!" and I think to 
myself, "That'll be a disaster!" 

Next, I'm in the building, up on the 2"'* or 3"^ floor. The building is old, dark, dingy, with lots of people trying to 
find rooms and and I'm looking for what I'm really not sure. I think I'm going by my vague past memory. Then I need to 
go to the bathroom and I'm looking for one. I go into this room and I see some other girls in there who are looking for 
the bathroom too. Apparently there's one bathroom and someone's in it, so I find a seat and sit down to wait. It feels 
like Tony's out in the hall waiting for me. 

Time goes by and then I stand up and look around a bit and I see that there's a bathroom just to my left that's 
unoccupied. I'm surprised that I didn't see that room before and I go in. On my way out of that larger room I realize 
that the chair I had been sitting on earlier to wait was actually, itself, a toilet which I could have used as well. 

I am finally on the foor where I need to be and as I go from end to end I ask somone, "Where is room 637"? and 
just as I say that I see that number on the door. I go in and the room is a large storage area. It's actually a couple of 
rooms and people are some sitting around a large oblong table, some sitting on chairs around the perimeter and spilling 
out onto a balcony. It's all very casual. I don't feel like I'm late or if I am, it's only by a few minutes. 

I don't know what I say or do, but I apparently tell them something to the effect that we'll not have class tonight 
(since you're all so casual) and we'll just pick it up next week. See you then. And I leave. 

Later in the night I have another dream where I find out that that class was actually someone else's class for 
which I was substituting. I then think. Oh, too bad!" and I feel a pang of guilt or something but then think, "Well, she 
should have known better than to just ask someone to do it for her. 

It's all so dismissive! 



23'^' Mar '17 

It was the end of the day and I was feeling horny. I was walking down the street and Once again I saw 
Adriana. From a distance I could see that she was with this guy who was just talking her ear off. She was 
obviously totally bored with what he was saying and he was just rambling on. My initial intention was 
just to save her from this boring guy. So I just walked up and said hi. She put her attention on me and 
started ignoring him. He left. We talked for a bit and then she asked me if I wanna walk her home. I say 
"Yeah sure!" 

We're walking together and were having fun. We're making jokes and I'm pretending to be 
rollerblading. I say "in case you could tell, I like rollerblading." She smiles. She tells me a bit about her 
day. As we're walking by my apartment I tell her "That's my place up there, but I'm moving over here" 
pointing to the buildings across the street. I explain that there's more noise in the building where I am 
now. She's like "Oh yeah, the way that the walls are set up is not designed very well. Plus the new 
building is further away from the street." She understands me and I'm like "Yeah, that's right." 

We keep walking and I'm still pretending to be rollerblading. I jump off a ledge and land next to a really 
tall guy who is walking in the same direction as we are. Adriana and I kind of look at each other with 
raised eyebrows and she's like "You should walk on your tippy toes" and I'm like "Yeeaah!" I'm thinking 
this guy is tall like Chaz from my high school. Then he turns around and it is Chaz. He kind of points at 
me and he's like "Eldar!" and then "Eldar!" and I'm like "Hey! Chaz!'re still doing that pointing 
thing, where you point really close at my face." He does it again and I move his finger away from my 
face. He says "And you're still doing that thing where you move my finger away from your face!" 

He tells me how he's still playing basketball but he injured his shoulder and now he's losing some 
muscle, because he's not working out in order to allow his shoulder to heal. I'm like "Yeah man, you 
should just train your legs, just do squats!" He's like "Yeah..." and I say "Gotta keep those gains!" He's 
like "Yeah, we were just working out and then going to KFC and then working out again." I'm like "Haha, 
yeah, junk food! Kevin Garnett used to just eat McDonalds all the time." He's laughing and I say "...and 
Allen Iverson was just eating cheeseburgers. Just fucking cheeseburgers and Coke all the time." He's 
laughing as we're separating. 

Adriana has already turned right and we were separated, so I'm leaving Chaz to join up with her again. 
As I'm walking towards her I see a couple of guys running around this play place area where she's 
cutting through. Now she's my mum. I see the guys kind of fooling around and they notice her. They 
have kind of a mischievous air about them, like they may be up to no good. One of the guys says to the 
other "Go for it! Go for it!" from what it looks like they're either going to harass her or try to hit on her. 
It looks more like harass. He's approaching my mum from the back and I'm getting closer. I shout out 
"Oil! What the fuck are you doing?" he looks at me and he's like "Nothing, nothing!" and I'm like 
"Good!" and I just keep walking towards her.